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Segue Financial Services.

Why choose Segue Financial Services?

Segue Financial Services provide you with:

  • Peace of mind
  • Knowledge and understanding
  • Confidence and security for the future
  • Reduced financial stress
  • Steadying influence in volatile times
  • The right path to achieve your desired outcomes and goals
  • Freedom to choose most suitable investment path for our clients
  • Transparency - Fee for service


“IT IS ALL THANKS TO JOY AND SEGUE … After premature retirement in 1987 I sought advice from a number of qualified practitioners as to the best arrangement to secure the financial future of my wife and myself. Many and varied were the responses I received, which led to confusion and apprehension, should I make a wrong decision. In 1994, a chance sighting of advertisement in a seniors newspaper, led me to make contact with Joy Smith. Subsequently, my wife and I had a number of discussions with Joy, who listened with patience of our perceived needs, concerns and aspirations for the future. Joy was able to construct a plan that met our circumstances and provided us with peace of mind for its operation. As legislative and personal changes have occurred the plan has been modified accordingly, after consultation and consideration. We are currently operating in conjunction with Segue, a Self Managed Super Fund, with all regulatory (taxation, audit etc) and administrative requirements conducted by Segue on our behalf. Thus we have a worry free financial arrangement and a life style that enables us to enjoy the fruits of our labour—and IT IS ALL THANKS TO JOY AND SEGUE TEAM”.

Graham and Alwyn O’Reilly – Ringwood Nth VIC

“Segue Financial Services have given our family a wonderful sense of financial security. Their considerate care and understanding of our finances and lifestyle have given us opportunities to extend our travel overseas and enjoy interstate holidays without depleting the funds. Our contact with Segue occurred through a small advertisement in the Sunday Age 14 years ago. With great difficulty and expense (fully recovered through sound investments) Segue’s advisers extracted our funds from Annuities, which matured at the age of 84. (I am now 81) In three years time our funds would have been zero! The funds were invested in three areas:- Shares, property & cash. This has all been followed up with regular friendly personal and electronic contact. Quarterly financial reports of client’s investments are sent out from head office and a quarterly newsletter is published. The investments are being constantly checked and audited. Our advisers are always readily available to discuss the best creative financial advice. To summarise, buying that Sunday Age was one of the luckiest moves in our retirement!”

Tim and Rosmary Baylis – Barwon Heads VIC

“To give your total trust, Faith and all your life’s savings over to a third party in this day and age seems rather a foolhardy thing – but that is just what we did over nine years ago with SEGUE – Do we regret it – NO; Have we ever had just a doubt that we made the wrong decision – NO: Have we ever had a sleepless night over our financial status – NO. Over the years the market has been up and down but we still made a profit – our return was always way above what it would have been if we had just left the money in the bank. We now have more money in our fund than when we started despite the fact that we have been paid a monthly pension for almost 9 years. Who wouldn’t be pleased! We have continuously found the wonderful team at SEGUE to be always available to answer our questions honestly with our own personal interests at heart. They have always gone that ‘extra mile’ in their professionalism. SEGUE is a hard working, honest, reliable organisation that we cannot recommend highly enough.”

David and Susan Silver – Doncaster East VIC

“Over the past 20+ years, my family has sought professional advice and financial guidance from Segue. We have benefited from a personalised approach from Segue who take time to understand our needs and to shape a portfolio that meet our individual requirements. We have confidence in the systems and processes that are in place to maximise and protect our investments and are comforted by the knowledge that Segue are genuinely interested in obtaining the best financial outcomes for us in both the short and longer term. Importantly, we trust their personal and professional integrity”.

Veronika and Ross Smith – Brighton VIC

Segue Financial Services

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