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segue financial services officeSegue Financial Services has a long and successful history in the industry helping clients from all kinds of backgrounds navigate all kinds of problems. Since humble beginnings in 1977, Segue has survived and prospered through the good times and the not so good, through the booms and the busts, and so have our clients.  

Since day one we have held our own licence to be self governed aside from any large financial institutions, ensuring that our advice has remained uncompromised throughout. And at all times, our devotion to helping clients understand and achieve their own personal goals has stood us, and them, in good stead. Experience counts.

At Segue you the client are at the centre of our world. Your goals, objectives and desired outcomes are the drivers of the advice and service we provide. We take the time to understand the outcomes that are important to you, help you overcome the roadblocks that stand between you and your goals and then work with you to turn your goals into reality.

We understand the anxiety money can cause, the uncertainty of whether you are doing the right thing with your finances, whether you will have enough to meet your future commitments, enough to live the life you want.  

We know that the overload of information from friends, family, the internet and the press just makes it more difficult to make good financial decisions. We know you need advice you can rely on.

We have experienced the complexities life throws at you and how they act as significant roadblocks to the achievement and attainment of the ultimate outcomes that are important and meaningful to you.
Our tailored, uncompromised advice solutions delivered by highly qualified and experienced professionals enable you to make informed decisions about your finances, to better understand your options, to approach your future with confidence and understanding rather than fear and uncertainty.

We see every day the impact our advice has on our clients and their families. How the negotiation of their complexities and making the right decisions enables our clients to achieve the outcomes that are most important to them. How it leaves them, and us, happy and content.

Segue exists to provide the guiding hand to ensure you make informed decisions today for the future you want tomorrow.

Why choose Segue Financial Services

  • Own Licence ~ self-governance

    Freedom to choose most suitable investment path for our clients

  • Uncompromising quality
  • Client focused
  • Knowledge & Understanding
  • Experienced
  • Holistic Approach


Segue Financial Services

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Australian Financial Services Licence No. 255257    

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