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financial future financial planningActive management of your investments is essential to ensure you generate every last cent out of your investment portfolio.  However, it is well beyond most to have the knowledge, expertise and importantly time to sort through the thousands of investment options available to arrive at a portfolio that is appropriate and robust and then closely monitor it and make changes where necessary.

This is where our Investment Management Service can help.  We have an experienced investment team with a strong track record and access to quality resources and expertise that can structure and manage a portfolio specifically designed for you and your circumstances.

We use an objectives-based approach to your investments - that is determine what it is you want to achieve and then structure your investments in the best way to deliver on those desired outcomes.  

We do this via a Managed Discretionary Account (MDA) arrangement, which works like this:

  • Together, you and your personal portfolio manager design an asset allocation that fits around your wants, needs and tolerance to risk
  • The MDA then provides Segue the discretion to construct a portfolio for you within the parameters of the agreed asset allocation
  • The portfolio can include a combination of direct shares and managed funds
  • Your personal portfolio manager then manages and monitors your portfolio daily to ensure it remains appropriate and has the discretion to make changes when deemed necessary

Investment personalised for your circumstances to achieve your goals

The portfolio can be modified as your life and priorities change and all investments are owned in your name, giving you complete control. Your investment portfolio can be structured in various way, you may elect to use the MDA service for only a portion of your investment management.

As we hold our own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL) and are not owned by or beholden to any external dealer group or fund manager (nor do we accept commissions), we have the ability to research virtually any investment opportunity to determine its appropriateness for you.  This means you can be assured that investments are selected with your best interests at heart, not ours.

The benefit of having Segue manage your investments via our Managed Discretionary Account Service is you have a personalised approach to your investment portfolio where you maintain ultimate control and can spend time on the things that matter to you, knowing that Segue’s experienced team of specialists are carefully managing your investments for you.

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