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Is your financial planner putting your estate planning in the “too hard basket” and simply telling you to put a will or a power of attorney in place?

Estate planning is a highly important part of managing your money to ensure it is protected from unwanted claims both from within a family and outside (bankruptcy).   

It is a difficult and complex area to plan for properly because it requires that a financial planner works closely with your accountant and lawyer.   With the focus on holistic planning the financial planner is well-placed to assist in the process of aggregating the information necessary for achieving the best outcome.

A good financial planner has a greater and more detailed knowledge of your assets, insurance, pensions, and family dynamics along with a clear understanding of your aims and objectives in each area of your life, your family and your money. The accountant and lawyer are focused on and specialise in very different areas of need. Their area of specialty is needed as just one important part of the whole.

For example, a good financial planner would be aware of an adult child entering into a de facto relationship where you would be advised against leaving him/her $1 million directly because that relationship may not last, and the inheritance would be at risk.

A good financial planner would prepare a detailed family tree and diagram showing each family member who are potential recipients of a client’s estate.

Which assets are held in which entities and the various ways they need to be treated will identify potential problems and determine possible solutions.

Ensure your Adviser understands and acts on a foundation of holistic and detailed information when it comes to your leaving your money to the next generation.

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