Service Overview

The inclusion of a government pension into your pre or post retirement income stream can make a huge difference to your financial position. Every dollar you receive from the government in the form of a pension is a dollar you don’t have to draw from your own savings.


However there are many people who either don’t realise they qualify for a part pension, or don’t realise that they could receive a much higher pension by making changes to the structure of their finances. Added to this are government allowances and concessions that are often overlooked which can cost eligible recipients thousands of dollars a year, every year.


Factoring in Government benefits, paints a brighter picture. At Segue we understand the significant contribution that government benefits can make to your lifestyle- we have specialised in the maximisation of government benefits for our clients for over 15 years. And this experience and understanding enables us to identify whether you are or will be eligible for a pension and how to receive the maximum amount possible.

Our Centrelink and DVA Pension service focuses on:

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