Segue and You

We are committed to working closely with you to help you
decide, design and direct the best financial strategy for you
and your individual circumstances.

How we work with you

At Segue, we recognise that long-term and successful relationships with our clients are built around trust and in-depth knowledge. We believe that it is essential for all parties to clearly understand and know each other. To this end we implement the following 5-step process


Getting to know you

The first stage in working with you is to get to know you and your current situation. A confidential questionnaire is used to obtain relevant information relating to your assets, liabilities, income, expenditure, and insurance needs. This information is gathered to gain an understanding of your circumstances, and to identify your needs, objectives and tolerance for risk.



Our discovery session is to uncover and identify your particular areas of concern and your wants and needs and confirm the context and principles which form the basis of the advice relationship between us. During this consultation period we will establish together whether we can provide the advice you need and you are committed to the planning process. This meeting is obligation and cost free.



Here we provide an outline of what we believe is required to maximise the probability of you achieving your desired outcomes. At this meeting we will present a Terms of Engagement, which is, a document identifying the outcomes that are most important to you, the prioritised areas that will be addressed in a written Wealth Management Plan and the fees for that plan. Signing the Terms of Engagement is your agreement for Segue to prepare a plan and your agreement to the stated fee for that plan. Again this meeting is obligation and cost free.


Your Wealth Management Plan

Your personalised written plan of action detailing the recommended steps you take at this time. It shows how to maximise the probability of you achieving your desired outcomes, as agreed to in the Terms of Engagement. We will work through the plan with you ensuring you understand it and are comfortable with its content. If changes are required or requested we make them to ensure that the plan meets with your specific wants and needs. The plan will also detail the ongoing services we recommend to ensure you achieve your desired outcomes and the cost of those services.


Ongoing Advice & Support

Segue’s ongoing advice and support ensures you continue to have access to our expertise when making financial decisions in the future, as well as our guidance and help when putting your Wealth Management Plan into practice. Every decision you make (and those you don’t make) has consequences, no matter how small or insignificant that decision may appear at the time, so making the right decisions is essential to ensure you maximise the probability of achieving your desired outcomes. Fees for our ongoing services vary depending upon the service provided and are agreed upon prior to proceeding.